Metaseed World

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What is Metaseed World?

Cyberspace, only visible to cybernauts who answer the call of adventure, those who have followed the clues of the living code on the blockchain, there lies MetaSeed World, a place that allows you to live unimaginable experiences.

Legend has it that a couple of cybernauts met in one of those inexplicable nodes of life, both had the same questions about whether a place beyond reality existed and how they could connect with that vital energy that covers every empty space which we all know as the “Ether”. Is life’s energy unlimited? If so, where can we find it? Is it the answer to all of that is unknown? After many experiments, their perseverance paid off, with the help of an anonymous donor who helped finance a laboratory, they were able to work on a new technology called blockchain. They used this technology to open a new world of information and knowledge, the more they experimented with the blockchain more questions were resolved. One day by accident a block injected EXP into another and so on until giving life to a mysterious character that for a moment showed these two men a portal full of light. It was only a few seconds, but they could see the entrance door through what they would call MetaSeed World. However, their effort would not be enough to collect the metadata needed to generate energy which will open a portal into MetaSeed World, where there lies an inexhaustible source of EXP. The equation was clear:

  1. Generate the largest amount of metadata in the shortest possible time to invoke the presence of that mysterious entity who will grant them access into Metaseed World

  2. Enter MetaSeed World and go in search of EXP.

  3. Once the EXP is collected, return to the laboratory, and feed the metadata to the EXP energy converter to keep the portal open for as long as possible. By feeding the metadata with EXP, it will exponentially generate more energy and the mysterious character will open the portal to MetaSeed World. As the EXP feeding cycle continues, new entities will have been revealed, which will be known as guardians, 10 guardians that are not only the keys to enter MetaSeed World, but each possesses their own characteristics that will help you explore MetaSeed World, each guardian has prepared a unique and unrepeatable path in the search for EXP.

From what had only started with a couple of cybernauts who took a chance, now a group of cybernauts with extraordinary qualities lead a secretive group called: "The Alchemist Cyber Network", its mission is to find more like-minded individuals who will search MetaSeed World for treasures and mysteries yet to be found.

Will you answer the call to adventure?

If so, you've come to the right place. Choose a guardian who will lead you on your quest of self-discovery!

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime into Metaseed World!

Contract Address: 0x9ACd72B329Db822DFD77E88Ce8DB7016E693c5c8



Phase 1

  • Idea Inceptioncheckmark
  • Artworkcheckmark
  • Storycheckmark
  • Websitecheckmark
  • Launch

Phase 2

  • Artwork Reveal
  • Metaseed World Portal Grand Opening
  • Limited Merch
  • IRL Launch Party

Phase 3

  • Details will be revealed during IRL Launch Party

Phase 4

  • Stay tuned!


Q: What is Metaseed World?

A: It’s where both the IRL and digital worlds collide

Q: What is an NFT?

A: (Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated

Q: On what blockchain will they be released?

A: Our collection will be released on the Ethereum blockchain

Q: Is there a Discord channel?

A: No, Please be aware of scams. Only follow our official twitter page: @metaseedworld

Q: Ok, but wen mint?

A: TBD via our official Twitter account @metaseedworld

Q: How large is the collection?

A: It's a collection of 10,000 NFTs

Q: What are the mint prices?

A: 0.07 ETH for public mint.

Q: What is the collection royalty?

A: 7%

Q: What is the mint limit per wallet?

A: Each wallet can only mint max 3 pieces.